Henderson Family Day Care Home Testimonials


“A real partner with parents.”

Ms. Pat is a former school teacher, and it shows. She teaches the kids lessons every day — they count in Spanish and French, they learn their letter sounds, they do little worksheets and art projects. I love that my son comes home every day with a smile on his face and an exciting story to tell. Today, he came home — and he’s only three — spelling the word “yellow” and giving me examples of things that are yellow. He also already writes his name. Ms. Pat is very loving with the children, but also stern when she needs to be. They’re a very close-knit, well-behaved little group. They even put on a little Christmas program that brought tears to their parents’ eyes as well as Ms. Pat’s. She makes homemade meals. She gives parents a couple free “date nights” throughout the year. And she really pays attention… she’s noticed little things about my son now and then that I would have missed. She’s a real partner with parents, and I highly recommend her. — Tiffany Wilson, Yulee, January 2012


Henderson Family Day Care Home
Type: Licensed Family Day Care Home
Capacity: 10
Where: 13 Jasmine Place, Fernandina Beach
Call: (904) 277-1848
Inspection Records: Click Here
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