Valentine, You Give Me Butterflies! ~ A Sweet Card Your Kids Can Make

This Valentine's Day Butterfly craft has a lollipop face with google eyes and a pipe cleaner antenna.

We chose this adorable craft for my son’s Valentine’s Day cards last year after he and his friends at daycare watched a caterpillar go through the stages to become a butterfly. My son loved the craft and took a lot of time decorating each piece for his friends. He even found a way to make […]

Carving a Perfect Pumpkin


The first time we attempted to carve pumpkins in my family, it was pretty much a disaster. It took forever to cut them, they looked awful, and — worst of all — they rotted and literally grew fur long before Halloween. I tried to be nice, but there was only so long I could endure […]

Make Your Earth Day Pretty with this Recycled Egg Carton Wreath Craft

Egg cups from a recycled egg carton are used to make the flowers in this wreath.

Who would have thought an ugly old egg carton could transform into a pretty little wreath? I have to admit, I have zero feedback to share with you from my child, because the little man had no interest in making a girly wreath. I had to go this project alone while he painted a picture […]

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Enough for Your Own Book! – With Boston Photo

Kids Say The Darndest Things Coffee Table Book from Boston Photography in Fernandina Beach, FL.

  Meet Kellie Boston, a fabulous photographer and mama based in Fernandina Beach. She’ll be writing guest columns for Mamamelia from time to time. This one offers a very smart way to celebrate our kids’ unique little personalities and remember the off-the-wall sayings they come up with. It made me laugh out loud when I found it […]

$5 Gingerbread House Kits Take Out the Work and Leave the Fun to You

Gingerbread House Kit

I’ve always loved the look of gingerbread houses, but I’ve never been willing to tackle the task of making one from scratch. I love to bake, but something bothers me about making something no one will ever eat. And all the steps – baking gingerbread, making frosting, assembling the house and hoping it all comes […]

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Craft

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head craft for a Toy Story themed birthday party activity and favor

This is a great project when you have a group of kids to entertain. I created it for my son’s Toy Story-themed birthday party when he turned three. I cut out several copies of each piece on colorful card stock ahead of time. When the children arrived, I had little seal bags of mouths, noses, […]

“Hand-Made” Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Use your child's foot and hands to make this adorable Thanksgiving turkey craft.

I love this craft because it works for every age. For my six-month old, I traced her hand and shoe and assembled the turkey, myself. I did the cutting for my toddler, and then I let him decide where to put the feathers… I also let him choose what size eyes to give the turkey, […]