Healthy Eating for Kids, Even When You’re Eating Out?


Kids can be picky eaters, but don’t they deserve better than a plate full of fried food every time you take them out to eat? Local step-mom and blogger Adrienne Burke shares some tips to help you make the best choice for your kids when you dine out. She has a great new website,, […]

The Awe-Inspiring Power of a Chore Chart

Our first Chore Chart

I never realized how often my son got away with having a messy room until he cleaned it recently. When I went to tuck him into bed that night, I found myself habitually tiptoeing through the room, bracing for whatever toy was going to hurt my foot as I made my way to his bed. […]

Aha Moments: I Learned a Lot From My Son’s Public Meltdowns

My son's meltdown at story time was a sure sign he needed a social life.

I recently saw a little boy have a public meltdown, and his parents looked mortified. It’s a tough “aha” moment when you realize your child might be lacking a little in the social skills department, but it’s also the first step to doing something about it. My first “aha” moment with my son came a […]

Photos, Fingerprints, DNA — for KIDS? Why the Sheriff’s Office Recommends It.

Why do police fingerprint kids and get their DNA?

I have to admit it: I was uncomfortable with the idea of getting my kids fingerprinted. And taking DNA samples “just in case?” No thanks. It seemed morbid and extreme, as if planning for the unthinkable. Then I had a talk with Nassau County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Sutton. A big proponent of the free safety […]

Obsessed with Routine: Is it OCD, or just kids being kids?


My toddler is obsessed with routines. We used to say, “Goodbye,” with a hug and kiss when I dropped him off at daycare. Then one day I gave him what we call a “mugga-mugga,” the nose-to-nose “kiss” of Eskimos. By the next morning, it HAD to be part of the routine. Then Daddy introduced the […]

Keep Your Family Fit… Even When it’s Cooooold Outside!

Fernandina Beach Jazzercise Owner Jennifer Bradsher.

Did you know you can get dehydrated even when you’re cold? I learned that from this piece. Special thanks to Yulee mama and Jazzercise owner Jennifer Bradsher for sharing these tips with us in this guest article. ~ Mamamelia  Winter Family Fitness Tips   We all know we need regular exercise to feel our best, […]

Daddy Dolls: Creepy or Endearing?

Daddy Doll became a part of every day while my husband was overseas.

  The first time I went to the website, I have to admit, I thought they were creepy. They’re these dolls with real people’s photos on them, staring blankly at the world and smiling while the children who own them mercilessly abuse them. I guess I could see why people used them for kids […]

Milestone Chart Blues: Waiting for my Son to Speak


“Papa’s tractor!” Two little words, coming from an 18-month-old, marked the beginning of the end of that blissful period of motherhood, when you’re sure your child really is perfect. The little boy, who rightly pointed out a tractor in a book my son had brought to the doctor’s office, said his words clearly. My son, […]

My 3-Year-Old Had Cavities: A Cautionary Tale


It all started when I was brushing my son’s teeth one night before bed, and I noticed a little spot on his tooth. “What in the world could that be?” I wondered to myself, never thinking a 3-year-old could have a cavity. When I took him to my dentist a few days later, I found […]

Swimming Lessons Should Start in the Bathtub

My little guy just stared at his belly, the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The first day of my 3-year-old’s swimming class, most of the kids cried. Everyone was happy until it was time to get into the water at the Atlantic Rec Center in Fernandina Beach, and then the meltdowns began. One boy had to be dragged, literally, into the pool. Another kid never made it in: he […]