Kid Friendly Back to School Meal Ideas from Mrs. V

Oldie but goodie: a couple years ago, a local mom gave us these fun recipes that will help you get through the first weeks of school.

The back to school rush can be tough on all of us – and figuring out what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be downright stressful. Huge thanks to our guest blogger, Kingsland mom Marissa Velasquez, who created these recipes. Thanks, Marissa! I cannot believe it is time for all the kids and their teachers to […]

Recipe Time with Mrs. V: Red, White and Blue Desserts!


There’s something so charming about red, white and blue-themed dishes during our patriotic holidays. It’s a fun, not to mention delicious, way to begin instilling in our children how special these holidays are, and to make them take notice when we take time out to celebrate our country. Don’t be surprised if the delicious dishes […]

Recipe Time! Make this Father’s Day feast full of bacon!


What dad doesn’t LOVE bacon? I know the dad in our house sure does, and so does the dad married to the talented Mrs. V, a blogger in Kingsland who shared these fun Father’s Day recipes with us. For more great ideas, check out Marissa Velasquez’s blog – The Domestic Adventures of Mrs. V – where she shares her […]

Recipes! How to make a kid-friendly Cinco de Mayo dinner


Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, and we’re so fortunate to again have an amazing series of kid-friendly recipes from the talented Mrs. V. She makes delicious homemade Guacamole, Taco Shell Bowls, Mojo Chicken and finishes the meal with Fiesta Fruit Pizzas. Delicious and kid-approved! This Kingsland mom, Marissa Velasquez, has her own blog – The […]

How to host an Easter “Bunny Brunch”

Make your children this fun "Bunny Brunch" for Easter morning. Get more great ideas at / All photos courtesy of Marissa Velasquez.

Is your mouth already watering for the delicious-looking, kid-friendly Easter “Bunny Brunch” in the photos below? I know mine is! I am so very excited to share these great recipes and photos, which come from a talented Kingsland mom, Marissa Velasquez. Marissa was gracious enough to write this fun post for Mamamelia readers. Thanks, Marissa! ~ […]

O’ Henry Bars: A No-Bake Dessert that Your Kids will Love!

Yum! Just looking at this pic inspires me to bake another batch!

The rich chocolate topping on these no-bake peanut butter cookies makes them a hit. They keep well, they freeze well, they mail well… but they sure don’t last at parties. My little guy likes to help me make these, dumping in ingredients and stirring with me at the end. Of course, he always gets the […]

Valentine, You Give Me Butterflies! ~ A Sweet Card Your Kids Can Make

This Valentine's Day Butterfly craft has a lollipop face with google eyes and a pipe cleaner antenna.

We chose this adorable craft for my son’s Valentine’s Day cards last year after he and his friends at daycare watched a caterpillar go through the stages to become a butterfly. My son loved the craft and took a lot of time decorating each piece for his friends. He even found a way to make […]

Recipe! Peppermint Bark that will Knock Your Christmas Stockings Off

Peppermint Bark Made With My Easy Recipe

The first time I tasted peppermint bark, it was the best of the best, from Williams-Sonoma. The mix of rich chocolate and a fresh peppermint flavor was so delicious, and it was perfect for the holidays. I was determined to come up with my own recipe so I could share it with friends and family. Over […]

Busy Bag Swap: The Playdate that Keeps on Giving

fishing busy bag

You know those unexpected moments when you need something fast to keep your child occupied? When my boss has called my cell phone with a question on a tight deadline, or I need to occupy my little one long enough to fit in a quick shower for myself, that’s when I appreciate most having a […]

Carving a Perfect Pumpkin


The first time we attempted to carve pumpkins in my family, it was pretty much a disaster. It took forever to cut them, they looked awful, and — worst of all — they rotted and literally grew fur long before Halloween. I tried to be nice, but there was only so long I could endure […]