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Users who access Mamamelia.com implicitly agree to the following:

Terms of Use

Images posted on Mamamelia.com are the property of Mamamelia and/or the businesses that submit images to us. Copying or transmitting any images may not be done without written consent from us or from the business that owns the images. The majority of the images we have posted are taken from our own cameras. If they are submitted to us, we will indicate that.

Our articles, logos, and other content are the property of Mamamelia and respective companies. The use of our content, directly or indirectly, to sell, lease, or reproduce products or derivatives is in violation of these terms of use.

Mamamelia is not responsible for users’ interactions with any third parties affiliated with our website. We reserve the right to change these terms of use in the future as necessary.


The deals published on Mamamelia.com are subject to change at the discretion of the companies offering the deals. We will verify these deals to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot make any guarantees regarding the third parties offering the deals. Mamamelia is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred from usage of the website, including transactions that take the user to a third-party website.


Mamamelia accepts payments in the form of inserted advertisement and paid sponsorship, which will be clearly represented as such on the website. We will accept non-cash compensation in the form of products, event tickets, or services only as a means to gain access for posting reviews.

Advertisements and compensation are not gifts and therefore will not in any way affect a review. The majority of the time, Mamamelia pays the same bills Mamamelia users will pay if they choose to use whatever is being reviewed.

Any endorsements made by mamamelia will be based on our best judgement that a product or venue is one we would use or visit with our families. We strive to give our most truthful and honest opinions. Any products, venues, service reviews are strictly personal opinions and not claimed as fact.

Privacy Policy

Mamamelia follows standards to protect our users’ privacy. We do not sell or share email addresses, names, or any personal information submitted to the website. Subscribers to our newsletter have an opt-out option. We do not collect information from minors.

Any information which we have gathered in the form of statistics may be used for marketing purposes. The information does not reveal email addresses, names, phone numbers or other personally identifying information. Occasionally we may ask for website users to participate in surveys, but any information gathered there will strictly be on a voluntary, opt-in basis.

Our advertising partners may collect IP addresses or information through cookies. Mamamelia is not responsible nor has control over the means by which third-party advertisers collect data.

Clicking on any advertisement takes the user to a third-party website over which Mamamelia has no influence and is not responsible for. Users should be aware of the privacy policies and terms of use policies on third-party websites.

Comment Policy

Mamamelia encourages readers to comment throughout the website’s comment sections. However, Mamamelia reserves the right to remove any comments it deems offensive, including but not limited to hate speech, false claims, libelous statements, intolerence, threats and unsolicited advertising.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

All Mamamelia.com giveaways are subject to these terms and conditions.

Participants may enter the drawing as many times as they want. Entries must be received by midnight on the final day of the giveaway (or, the day before a winner is scheduled to be announced).

A winner will be selected at random through a computer selection program.

Close friends and family of Mamamelia’s creator are not eligible to win. Anyone who wins a giveaway will not be eligible to win for
another three months.

If Mamamelia is not able to reach the winner within a day of attempting to notify him or her, a new winner will be randomly selected.

It is the winner’s responsibility to use the giveaway within the designated timeframe before it is expired.

Mamamelia will do its best to ensure each business offering a giveaway will follow through as described in the giveaway description; however it is between the winner and the business how the giveaway is ultimately carried out.

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