Review! Marvel Universe LIVE offers families an action-packed, kid-friendly show

Remember wishing as a kid that you could be teleported into those exciting Marvel superhero movies? Kids (including big kids at heart) really can be in the middle of the show at Marvel Universe LIVE.

This show, which has only existed for a few years, brings all of the main Marvel characters — and the jaw-dropping stunts they’re famous for — into a live show that travels to various cities all over the U.S. and a limited number of overseas cities. The cast really is a superhero cast that trains hard in real life, making sure they’re up to the challenge of intense acrobatics, climbing, swinging and stunts upon stunts.

We took our children to the show in Jacksonville this weekend. Watching the reactions of the kids was almost as much fun as watching the show, itself.

All your favorite super heroes will be a part of Marvel Universe LIVE! / All photos courtesy of Feld Entertainment

All your favorite super heroes will be a part of Marvel Universe LIVE! / Photos courtesy of Feld Entertainment

The show features one heart-stopping battle scene after the next, starting with the Guardians of the Galaxy, then Spider-Man taking on a group of villains, and then all of the Avengers battling the forces of evil. There’s a motorcycle chase, a fierce dragon, fire dance fighters (at least, that’s what I call them), trips to outer space, with the scene changing constantly thanks to a giant backdrop that shows video displays and has doors and apparatus used for various purposes throughout the show.

The superheroes fly through the air, flip, leap and seem truly superhuman.

Spider.-Man in action.

Spider-Man in action.

While we were watching the show, I nudged my 9-year-old son and asked, “What do you think of the show, honey?”

Without taking his eyes off the stage, where Spider-Man was battling a group of villains, he said breathlessly, “Two more bad guys, mom, he’s just got to get two more!” There was no time to talk about the show — the little guy was focused on the story unfolding in front of him.

I love that Feld Entertainment, the same people behind Disney on Ice, created this fantastic show. It’s well worth the $15 per person price tag to attend this event that your little ones will remember for many years to come.

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