Yulee’s Dreamie Nails: Just the Place for a Mother-Daughter Date

Dreamie Nails has a special chair for kids while they get their pedicures.

Dreamie Nails has a special chair for kids while they get their pedicures.

I grew up in a small country town where manis and pedis just didn’t happen. Even as a high schooler, I thought pedicures were something that only rich people did in the movies.

Then I moved to Florida and a friend suggested we stop to get our nails done. I was shocked that, for such a small price, I could basically get a massage, refreshed skin and lovely polish, not to mention “me time!”

But if you had asked me years ago if I would let my young child get her nails done with me, honestly, I would have thought “absolutely not.” I didn’t want my daughter focused on looks and image. I didn’t want her to be spoiled. I didn’t think it was necessary, period.

But then the first day of camp happened, and my daughter came home and said, “Mom, I know I’m not one of the pretty girls. A lot of girls are prettier than me and I’m just going to be a Tom Boy instead.”

This was a girl who, before that day, wore a dress every day. Her confidence was through the roof. But one little girl at camp told her she wasn’t girly enough to hang with her crowd, and my daughter took it as gospel truth. After that one comment, she stopped wearing dresses and chose pants, Tshirts and sneakers over dresses every day. She begged me not to brush her hair, let alone style it. But it wasn’t because that’s what she wanted. It was that she thought she should look a certain way since someone else told her girly wasn’t her look. They were 5.

You better believe we’ve had countless conversations since that day about the fact that she IS beautiful inside and out — and inside is the most important part. I’ve told her that sometimes people say mean things that aren’t true, and that we should never let someone else tell us who we should be — nor should we tell anyone else who they should be. I just pray that she believes me, commits it to memory, and lives it. I am going to repeat these truths to her daily for the rest of her life, so God willing they will sink in.

But sometimes feelings are about more than words — especially when those words are coming from your mom, whom you know is a biased source even when you’re 5. So I started finding opportunities for my daughter to discover for herself that she is beautiful and talented in so many ways. I let her hang her artwork in frames in her own little gallery. I let her take on new responsibilities around the house and get an actual allowance for a job well done (she prefers to be paid in Shopkins rather than currency 🙂 ). And I gave her an active role in choosing clothes in the store with me, so she could take more ownership in who she is on the outside, too.

Then one day my daughter asked if she could get her nails done with me, and my answer was a resounding “Yesssssssss!” Why shouldn’t a sweet little girl feel like her nails are fancy?

Thankfully, I knew just the place that would welcome a little one with open arms: a local nail salon called Dreamie Nails. Located in the shopping plaza at US 17 and A1A (aka State Road 200) in Yulee (a few doors down from Willie Jewel’s and Little Hoots), they have mastered the art of doing kids’ nails. On special occasions when we can get away from the boys for a little “girly time,” as we call it, I take my daughter there for a little fun.

Just as it feels like therapy to we grown-ups, I think it does my daughter good to be treated like a young lady. Something so simple as choosing colors and designs shows her that she can define the girl in the mirror rather than whatever bully crosses her path.

On our first visit to Dreamie Nails, we were about to go to Disney World. A major fan of Belle, she asked for Beauty and the Beast nails. Amazingly, the staff not only painted her tiny nails yellow, but they also carefully painted an intricate, beautiful rose on one finger on each hand, just as my daughter asked them to. She couldn’t stop staring at her pretty little nails. More recently, we went back so she could get her first pedicure in Dreamie’s “special” chair: a pink seat sized just for kids with a kitten design on it. They also have kids’ seats in the waiting area that look like giant high heels. But most of all, I love that anyone who has done my daughter’s nails there has genuinely seemed happy to do it and comfortable with kids.

My daughter’s love for art made her especially excited as she perused color choices and finally settled on a pretty raspberry pink color for her first pedicure recently. The two of us talked and laughed the whole time we were getting our nails done.

The best part, though, was what she wore: all on her own, she chose a lovely, girly little dress — just what she wanted to wear, and no one was going to change her mind.

If you want a mommy-daugher mani-pedi day, here’s where to find out more about Dreamie Nails:

Contact: Visit their Facebook page here or call (904) 849-7914.

Address: 463155 Sr-200

Hours: 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday


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