Baby News!! Angolan Colobus Monkey born at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is celebrating a brand new baby in its population: an Angolan colobus monkey.
The little sweetie was born on Friday, May 27, the first child to proud mama Moshi and the first-ever Angolan colobus monkey to be born at the zoo.

These monkeys hail from the Congo rainforest, known for their black fur and a face framed with long, white hair. They also have a hallmark white tip on their tails. But their babies are born pure white, developing their colors during the first half year of their lives.

Female Angolan colobus monkeys co-parent babies, so Moshi’s big sister Mkia is already helping to take care of the infant.

You can see the new baby and mother from the African boardwalk at the zoo. The monkeys are housed across from the lion habitat.

Photo Credit: Lynde Nunn, below, and James Ekstrom, above


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Angolan Colobus Monkey Newborn


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