Congratulations to our Divas’ Day Out makeover winner, Anna Battista.

Anna Battista, Dawn Drapeylo and Trish Parker are the three finalists for this year's makeover.

Anna Battista, Dawn Drapeylo and Trish Parker are the three finalists for this year’s makeover.


A huge congratulations to our winner, Anna Battista, who will have her “Big Reveal” in the Divas’ Day Out fashion show May 10! This makeover contest is now closed.

One lucky lady is in for a huge pampering this year in our Divas’ Day Out makeover, and we’ve narrowed our nominees down to three fabulous local moms.

It was a painstaking process to choose these three — we read about people who have been through huge changes in their lives, selfless ministers’ wives and caretakers of the elderly. But finally the group of businesses donating their time and talents chose the top three: Anna Battista, Dawn Drapeylo and Trish Parker. Get to know each of them below, then hop on over to the Divas’ Day Out Facebook event page to “like” the photo of the woman you’d most like to see win! Click here to go to the Facebook event page – and after you vote, check out the other posts about the great vendors and entertainment we’ll be offering!

Voting ends at 10 p.m. April 30, so make sure you weigh in before then!

Here’s what’s in store for our winner:

We’ve brought together some talented women in Fernandina Beach who have agreed to give her a FREE beauty overhaul, starting with hair, makeup, relaxation treatments, and whatever else she needs, from the pros at Elements Salon in Fernandina. They’re even going to send her home with products to help her maintain her new look! And the fashion gurus at Retail Therapy Consignment in Fernandina Beach will personally help her choose the best styles for her wardrobe with a $100 shopping spree. The makeover winner will also be treated to free before and after photo shoots with Fernandina’s Boston Photography.

The “Big Reveal” will be at 1 p.m. at our Divas’ Day Out event May 10 in the Fernandina Beach Rec Center Auditorium, where the winner will be included in the fashion show!

Anna Battista

Anna Battista

Anna Battista

This stay-at-home mother of two from Fernandina Beach was nominated by her husband, Paul Battista. Here’s what Paul had to say:

I am writing to nominate my amazing wife Anna Battista.  Anna is a kind, beautiful, and selfless person who truly deserves to be treated like a queen. She does not realize how strong she is. She is an inspiration to me. She devotes her entire day to her family. She never takes time for herself. Her priorities have always been the joy of her children and myself over her own. She needs at least one day to feel like the princess she is.

Anna has overcome many obstacles in the ten years I have known her.  She truly inspires me.

Please consider this gorgeous wife, mother, friend, and inspiration.



Dawn Drapeylo

Dawn Drapeylo

Dawn Drapeylo

When Dawn found out about our Divas’ Day Out makeover, she immediately knew who she wanted to nominate: herself! Here’s what this mother of three from Fernandina Beach had to say:

I am a 42 year old new mommy, starting over again!  God has blessed me with one in college, a middle school son and an infant in diapers!!

After the most miserable pregnancy of staying sick for 9 months and multiple hospital trips, Chloe Ava made her very unexpected grand entrance, and I delivered her with the help of daddy at home!  Not planned that way at all ladies! Thankfully, after such an eventful evening, and rough labor with no medication, our little girl came out just perfect. Although, she is very colicky and at times quite the cry baby:( I am pacing the floors with her!! This mamma needs a break!! Wanting to feel like “Me” again, and young & beautiful!!)

I went all year being pregnant not highlighting my hair and taking care of me. Between the blow dryer, flat iron and pregnancy my hair has been looking a little dry, damaged and needs a new, easy style again. Would also love some summer highlights to brighten me up a little!
I am looking rather tired these days due to my lack of sleep as a new mommy! A makeover would be just what I need to feel pretty again and to do something special just for me with the BIG 43 coming in a couple weeks!


Trish Parker

Trish Parker

Trish Parker

If you went to last year’s Divas’ Day Out, you probably saw Trish Parker at her Tupperware booth, where she’ll be again this year. But this Fernandina Beach mom and grandma has had a long year, and she is ready for a change. Here’s what she told us when she nominated herself:

As a business woman, this past year has been incredible.  However, with a sweet Mother struggling through the fight of Alzheimer’s, I took the much needed time to spend with her – and that was a blessing.  Taking time away affected my business, my life, my health.  But I would trade it for nothing!  At the beginning of this year, I had to have major surgery.  Right after my surgery, which required months of recovery time, my Mother was moved to Hospice.  I was not leaving her alone – so my recovering self left to go stay with her in Hospice.  Again a blessing as I got to be with her when she took her final breath.  I have not had any time for myself…I would love to have a whole new me so I can start living out my Mom’s hopes…I turned 60 in December, and I don’t feel like it…but want to not look like it either!


Good luck to all three of these fabulous ladies!! Click here to cast your vote on the Facebook event page – and after you vote, check out the other posts about the great vendors and entertainment we’ll be offering!

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