O’ Henry Bars: A No-Bake Dessert that Your Kids will Love!

The rich chocolate topping on these no-bake peanut butter cookies makes them a hit. They keep well, they freeze well, they mail well… but they sure don’t last at parties. My little guy likes to help me make these, dumping in ingredients and stirring with me at the end. Of course, he always gets the first taste when they’re done!
This recipe has been one of my family’s favorite go-to recipes for a dish to pass or a quick dessert. It’s also one of the best I’ve ever found for mailing to soldiers overseas. Many, many batches of this recipe have made it to Iraq and Afghanistan over the years. In fact, I just received an email from my brother-in-law that he shared my latest batch with his comrades a few days ago. His only complaint? They went too fast!
I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as mine has.
Yum! Just looking at this pic inspires me to bake another batch!

Yum! Just looking at this pic inspires me to bake another batch!

O’Henry Bars
1 cup light Karo syrup (corn syrup)
1 cup sugar
Mix in a saucepan and heat almost to a boil, until the sugar dissolves.
1 ½ cups peanut butter
6 cups Special K cereal (You can use Corn Flakes, but we find it makes the cookies come out a little soupy.)
Press into a 9×13 or  jelly-roll size pan, depending on desired thickness.
Melt, then mix 2 cups chocolate chips and 4 tablespoons of margarine. Spread on top. (Sometimes when I’m really in the mood for chocolate, I double this topping!)
Cool and cut into squares. Store in an airtight container.
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