Body By Vi: Lose those extra pounds the healthy way, AND help feed needy kids!

Meet Bennie and Veronica Jennings, a couple from Yulee whose lives were changed by a weight loss and fitness program called The Body by Vi 90-day Challenge. Now Independent Promoters of the product, themselves, and sponsors of, we’re so excited to tell you about this amazing program that could change your life, too! ~ Mamamelia

Bennie and Veronica Jennings accept a $1,000 check from ViSalus after Bennie lost 10 lbs.

Bennie and Veronica Jennings accept a $1,000 check from ViSalus after Bennie lost 10 lbs. Every week in 2013, 10 winners who lost 10 lbs. with Body By Vi receive $1,000.

With so many demands on our lives as parents, taking time to care for ourselves often gets pushed to the bottom of our list of priorities. It’s tough to find the time to plan every meal for yourself when you’re a parent on the go, especially when you’re trying to lose some weight or improve your health.

Moms and dads all over the country are among the millions who have seen great results by turning to an increasingly popular weight loss and fitness system called The Body by Vi 90-day Challenge. One couple, Bennie and Veronica Jennings of Yulee, each lost more than 10 pounds in less than 90 days on the program, and now they’re independent promoters for the company, helping others find the same success they did.

Here’s how it works: you replace one or two meals of your choice (e.g. breakfast-lunch, breakfast-dinner) per-day with a delicious nutritious shake, and then have healthy snacks between your shakes and a sensible meal.

Veronica, who’s lost 23 pounds so far, said she’s especially impressed with the high nutritional value of the shakes, so much so that she sends a package of them to her mother every month, too. “She’s a petite lady, she doesn’t need to lose any weight,” she said. “But I just want her to have the shakes for the nutrition.”

Additionally, Bennie’s mom who is also on the program has lost over 30 pounds with minimum exercise. “She has had chronic knee pain for years,” he said. “But now her pain has gone away and she can walk long distances again.”

Based on the chart below, you’d have to basically eat a whole garden to get the same nutrients that you get in one of these shakes.

According to the founders of The Body by Vi Challenge, you would have to eat all of this to equal the nutrition in one Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake:

13 eggs
1.5 cups of broccoli
5 peaches
2 chicken breasts
1.5 cups of yogurt
1.5 cups of bran flakes
18 ounces of tomato juice
5 ounces of cheddar cheese
3 cups of lima beans
15 slices of wheat bread
20 spears of asparagus
2 cups of mushrooms
30 apples
10 celery stalks

3 tomatoes
3 pineapples
30 prunes

What’s more, the Vi-Shape shake is made with gluten free, lactose free, non-GMO, non-phytoestrogen soy protein. And in comparison to other “diet shakes,” theirs is much lower in sodium, carbs and sugar.

Bennie and Veronica, who are definitely food lovers, said the Body by Vi Challenge worked for them because the shakes actually taste good, living up to their slogan, “The shake mix that tastes like a cake mix.”

Body by Vi shakes are also as adaptable as they are healthy. You can mix them up with skim milk, soy milk, almond milk… you can throw in some yogurt, fruit or other delicious add-ins. Bennie even admitted he once tossed one of his wife’s homemade brownies into his shake.

Body By Vi includes a whole collection of products to help customers meet their weightloss and nutrition goals.

Body By Vi includes a whole collection of products to help customers meet their weightloss and nutrition goals.

Veronica said she became really excited about Body by Vi when she lost 7 pounds in her first six days, something she was unable to do after years of exercising with Bennie. And after Project 10 Kids was introduced this year, she knew this was something special.

“You lose 10 pounds, and they send 30 meals to an obese child in your honor.”

A mom, herself, she was touched by Project 10 Kids, designed to fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

Body by Vi’s parent company, ViSalus, has other programs that feed people in need, too, including underprivileged kids whose diets are lacking in nutrition.

Veronica said the shakes are also extremely convenient for moms on the go.

“Moms are so busy, they don’t always have time to eat breakfast. With Body by Vi, you can just make a quick shake in the morning, and go.”

Veronica keeps a blender by her desk at work, but she said you can also use a “shaker ball” to make a shake without electricity.

She said each person chooses their own way of using the shakes, whether they replace two meals a day with them or one meal a day. Body by Vi has other products too, such as nutritional supplements.

Body by Vi has all kinds of fun incentives that it offers, both to the people who lose weight using the program and to people who sign up as promoters. Bennie Jennings, himself, won $1,000 for losing his 10 lbs. You can watch the video of him receiving his check, with Veronica cheering him on, below.

Here’s Bennie and Veronica’s list of the Top 6 Reasons to take on the Body by Vi Challenge in 2013:

1) 90-day Money-back Results Guarantee

Now you have absolutely nothing to lose… but weight.

2) Over $47 million in free products, prizes and vacations

How much will you win in 2013?

3) Project 10 weekly winners

Every week in 2013, we’re awarding a total of $10,000 to 10 people (five females & five males)

4) Project 10 Kids

When you lose 10 lbs. (or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle) through Project 10 and submit your results, ViSalus will donate 30 Vi-Shape shake meals to an at-risk or obese child in the United States or Canada.

5) Ultimate Transformation Vacation

Your before and after party awaits, now with upgrades experiences and a $5,000 Beverly Hills Wardrobe Shopping Spree!

6) Challenge TRAINER

Every resource you need to succeed on your Challenge, including and other enhanced tools, apps, expert tips and community support.

If you want to learn more and have Bennie or Veronica as your weightloss “cheerleader”:

You can reach Body by Vi Independent Promoter Bennie Jennings at or call 912-409-2833.

Body by Vi Independent Promoter Veronica Jennings can be reached at or call 912-409-0600.


Bennie and Veronica Jennings accept a $1,000 check from ViSalus after Bennie lost 10 lbs. Every week in 2013, 10 winners who lost 10 lbs. with Body By Vi receive $1,000

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