Valentine, You Give Me Butterflies! ~ A Sweet Card Your Kids Can Make

This butterfly Valentine's Day card craft for kids uses a lollipop for the center. Could also be used for a place card or party favor.

My then-3-year-old put his mark on each card, insisting on putting at least one monster truck on each of the boys’ cards.

We chose this adorable craft for my son’s Valentine’s Day cards last year after he and his friends at daycare watched a caterpillar go through the stages to become a butterfly.

My son loved the craft and took a lot of time decorating each piece for his friends. He even found a way to make the boys’ cards more “manly,” insisting that we put monster truck stickers on them.

It’s a craft that can accommodate a lot of ages. For my toddler, I did the work of cutting the pieces, and he was able to decorate each butterfly. Older children could cut and assemble these cards, themselves.

You can get very creative with it. I tried to tempt my son with sequins, little bows and jewels, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

Regardless, the result is personal and adorable, not to mention delicious, all rolled into one. These would also make great favors or place cards.

This butterfly Valentine's Day card craft for kids uses a lollipop such as a Tootsie Pop or Blow Pop for the center. Could also be used for a place card or party favor.

A card, a craft, a snack and a decoration, all rolled into one.



Card stock or other heavy paper in several colors

Stickers / Decorations

Pipe cleaners

Lollipops, such as Tootsie Roll Pops or Blow Pops

Google eyes

* Design your own pattern, or click here for the PDF of my pattern: Butterfly Valentine



This Valentine's Day Butterfly craft has a lollipop face with google eyes and a pipe cleaner antenna.

Twist the pipe cleaner’s ends around a pencil to get this spiraled look.

1) Using my pattern or making your own, trace and cut out the large and small pieces for each butterfly on the card stock. Be sure to fold the card stock first, placing the pattern so that the dotted line (which you do not cut) is even with the fold.

2) Line up the folds of the two pieces and tape or glue the small piece on top of the larger piece. Cut two 1/4 inch slits in the fold, and then reverse the fold between the two slits. This is where the lollipop stick will be placed.

3) Decorate the card however you like.

4) For the antennae, bend a pipe cleaner in half and wrap it tightly around the base of a lollipop. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner around a pencil  and then slide the pencil out to create a spiral.

5) Place “eyes” on the lollipop and put the stick through the slits in the card.


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