Jack and Jill Preschool Testimonials

“God is included in each lesson plan….”

My son attends the Jack and Jill Preschool here is Fernandina Beach, located at First Baptist Church. They offer a 2-year-old program which is 2 days per-week from 9am to 12pm, a great time to get children engaged in fun learning activities, learning about Jesus, and meeting new little friends their own age! Then they have the 3-year-old class which is Monday thru Friday 9am-12pm.

They have a full, fun-filled schedule each day. They send home calendars each month so it informs you what is going on and helps you engage with your child each day about what really went on in the classroom, besides everyone’s favorite: snack time! They have Chapel day, Library Day and Music Day. These teachers LOVE your kids as much as you do. We are entering into the 4-year-old program, what most places call VPK. I sat in on an open house touring the 4-year-class, trying to make a decision on where and what to do this school year. These children were writing and reading. I absolutely LOVE this school and I am already dreading leaving when he begins Kindergarten… and we still have a whole year with them.

The school is a faith-based school, GOD is included in each lesson plan. I believe it gives a great base for kids!

They do so many fun activities throughout the year. We had Cowboy Day, Color Day each month, Silly Pajama Day, Mix Match Day, Pirate Day, and many, many more.

I really hope that anyone looking for a school this year will definitely check them out! Do a tour and I promise you will not be disappointed! – Meagann Willis, Yulee, July 2012


Name: Jack and Jill Preschool
Type: Religious Exempt Facility
Capacity: Unavailable
Where: First Baptist Church, 1600 South Street, Fernandina Beach
Call: (904) 261-0881
Inspection Records: The state does not inspect religious exempt facilities.

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