Tupperware’s Cupcake Decorating Parties: The Kid-Friendly Way to Party!

Tupperware's "Hello, Cupcake" parties are as fun for kids as they are for grown-ups!

Tupperware’s “Hello, Cupcake” parties are as much for the kids as they are for the grown-ups!

The picture in my head of a Tupperware party used to be a group of old ladies with 70s-style containers like the ugly rust-colored lunch pail I used to take to school.

Now the picture in my head is a crowd of excited children frosting cupcakes with — amazingly — not much of a mess, thanks to these chic little Squeeze It Decorators Tupperware makes.

Our cupcake decorating table before the kids arrived. They frosted their cupcakes at a picnic table first, then finished their masterpieces here.

I never would have expected to host a Tupperware party, but when I met my friend Trish Parker, a mom and grandma from Fernandina who sells Tupperware, she changed my mind. It turns out Tupperware makes some very handy pieces now, and they come in very pretty colors. Plus, they offer all kinds of fun, themed parties: Girls’ Night In, Homemade Salsa Celebration, Tuppertini Cocktail Party, Eco-Friendly “Party for the Planet,” Pizza Party, and the one that caught my eye, their “Hello, Cupcake” party. I love that they offer something where kids are welcome, and there’s something fun for them to do.

Mamas and kids use the Squeeze-It Decorator for a no-mess decorating job on the cupcakes.

Of course, I never seem to be able to do anything on a small scale, so Trish and I got the idea to extend an invitation to all my Mamamelia readers, and we ended up with a totally fun party. We had about 40 kids and 20 mamas turn out to decorate with us at Goffinsville Park. We made two “stations” — one where the kids could sit down and frost their cupcakes, and then a separate table for decorating with sprinkles, candy, etc.

Trish Parker has worked with Tupperware literally for decades, and she knows her stuff!

Trish lent me armloads of Tupperware products in advance so I could use whatever I wanted when I baked my cupcakes, made the frosting and prepared the toppings. I loved everything I used, and it made me realize I’ve been relying on those disposable Glad containers and old, stained Rubbermaid pieces a little too much! Trish told me those stains and the rough bubbles that form inside the containers when you overheat something are actually a serious problem. Old food gets trapped in the lining of the plastic and could seep into the foods you place in the containers in the future. Trish said Tupperware is microwave safe and BPA free, so that won’t happen with Tupperware products. They’re also dishwasher safe. The little Squeeze It Decorators can even go in the dishwasher. I expected them to be a pain to clean, but it actually took no more than a rinse of hot water for me to get the frosting out of all the folds in the little gizmos.

The Squeeze-It Decorator had five different decorating tips for us to choose from.

The party, itself, went great, except that I had been so worried about the frosting melting that I overcompensated, and it was too firm for most of the kids to be able to squeeze it out. Instead, the mamas had to do the squeezing. Later in the day, my 4-year-old son and I had a much easier time frosting the leftover cupcakes. Still, the kids all seemed to have a ball. There is something so special about cooking with kids… and I think it’s so important to build on their interest in the kitchen while they’re young.

When we were heading home from our party, my little man — who had managed to sneak his third cupcake just before we cleaned up — told me he had loved the party.

“Mommy, that was the best cupcake party in the whole, wide world!” he said, throwing his hands in the air.

That was just the reaction I was hoping for.

Here’s a video demo of the little Squeeze It Decorators:

If you’d like to shop Tupperware or host your own party:

You can reach Trish Parker at 904-624-4455, email her at trishparker@my2.tupperware.com or visit her online at http://my2.tupperware.com/tup-html/T/trishparker-welcome.html.


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