Amelia Island Museum of History’s New “Kids Construct” Exhibit Now Open

The Amelia Island Museum of History opened its Kids Construct Exhibit Friday, June 29th. Kids Construct is an interactive learning feature that encourages kids to explore local architecture and preservation.

The exhibit features activities that allow children to take a hands-on approach to learning about historic local buildings, city planning, and the necessity of preserving local landmarks. The stations are both fun and educational, and make learning about the physical foundations of our community enjoyable for the whole family. It is never too early for the architects, builders, and city-planners of our future to start honing their craft.

Museum Education Director Gray Edenfield told me the exhibit includes projections of famous buildings on the wall. Kids can use blocks to build those buildings. There is also a mix-and-match flip panel feature with images of Fernandina’s Fairbanks House and the Bailey House. And kids can build their own box city on a grid.

The exhibit is on display for about a month, but Edenfield said that a huge, more permanent kids’ exhibit is coming soon. He said it will include a big ship, and kids will be able to play dress-up. If there’s anything I learned from Divas’ Day Out, it’s that kids love to play dress-up!

For more information contact Gray at 904-261-7378 ext. 102. The museum is at 233 South Third Street in Fernandina Beach.

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