Make Your Earth Day Pretty with this Recycled Egg Carton Wreath Craft

Flowered Recycled Egg Carton Wreath

The individual egg cups from an egg carton make the flowers in this wreath you can make with your kids.

Who would have thought an ugly old egg carton could transform into a pretty little wreath?

I have to admit, I have zero feedback to share with you from my child, because the little man had no interest in making a girly wreath. I had to go this project alone while he painted a picture on construction paper.

Nevertheless, it is a fun craft for Earth Day using old egg cartons — and folks sure have enough of those around after hard-boiling eggs for Easter!

People come up with all kinds of ways to customize this project. Here’s how I did it:


Egg Carton Flower Wreath


Egg cups from a recycled egg carton are used to make the flowers in this wreath.

Rounding the corners of each petal will give it a more authentic look.


Old egg cartons. I used the 18 egg size. Styrofoam or cardboard will work.

Paper plate or cardboard to serve as “wreath”

Green cardstock or fabric for leaves

Craft paint

Craft Glue

Circular embellishments of your choice, such as stickers, scrap paper, fabric or buttons




1) Cut egg carton cups into little “bowls” with even edges. Then cut several slits in each bowl from the outside edge to the edge of the flat circular bottom. Push the “petals” outward to open the flower. If you’d like, trim edges to give them a rounded look.

2) Paint both sides of the flowers with craft paint in whatever colors you choose. Set aside to dry.

3) Cut plate or cardboard into a wreath shape and paint green or brown, which will be the background color. Set aside to dry.

4) Cut green cardstock or fabric into leaf shapes. Glue sporadically on the wreath, letting them reach out past the edges.

5) Arrange and glue flowers on the wreath. Glue circular embellishments in the middle of each flower to serve as the center.

6) Loop ribbon around the wreath and tie a bow at the top.

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