Fernandina Beach’s Tasty’s Burgers and Fries Way Beyond a “Burger Joint”

Tasty's Burgers and Fries in Fernandina Beach uses a special "Tasty's Sauce" on their burgers.

Tasty's offers many varieties of burgers, including beef, turkey, vegetarian, bunless and more.

I thought there would be trouble when my husband did the ordering at Tasty’s Burgers and Fries.

As a mama, I know to anticipate that my son –like most children — is too fussy an eater to just order a burger with everything on it.

So when our burger arrived loaded with toppings including Tasty’s special sauce, I had a feeling the little guy wouldn’t eat more than a bite. But he proved me wrong and ate every last crumb. Apparently even a 3-year-old knows a fantastic burger when he tastes one.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised when I heard the new restaurant on the corner of Fernandina’s Centre Street and S 8th Street was going to be a burger joint. With Wendys, McDonalds and Burger King right up the street, not to mention the awe-inspiring local burger haunt, T-Rays, I couldn’t imagine taking my kids to yet another burger place. But then we checked it out, and the food was incredible.

That’s because the man running the kitchen, Justin Southwell, is a gourmet chef. Before opening Tasty’s, he was creating culinary masterpieces at Fernandina’s Le Clos, a French restaurant. And what’s great for families with all kinds of dietary needs is that he offers all kinds of burgers: turkey burgers, veggie burgers, bunless burgers and sometimes grass-fed burgers.

Tasty’s is different from the traditional burger joint because of these options, because of the way Southwell cooks these burgers — with an incredible, almost crusty outside and juicy inside — and details like Tasty’s special sauces that can be spread on your burger or used to dip your fries in. And the chunky french fries could be a main dish, themselves, with choices including varieties of sweet potato fries, chili cheese fries and Old Bay fries, among others.

Even though my little guy ate a regular burger, there is a kids’ menu that includes burgers, hot dogs or grilled cheese. Tasty’s also serves shakes, floats, and — for the grown-ups — beers and wines.

They only have one high chair, but their dining area is very open, leaving plenty of room for families to park a stroller or two at their table if necessary. They also have outdoor seating and take orders to go.

If you want to go:

Where: 710 Centre Street (at the corner of Centre and S. 8th Street), downtown Fernandina Beach, FL

Call: 904-321-0409

Website: Still in the works, but you can sign up to be their friend on Facebook.

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