5 Reasons Families Love Fernandina’s Main Beach

Main Beach Park is on Fletcher Avenue in Fernandina Beach, FL.

The wide, spacious beach at Main Beach is perfect for long walks, sports and playing -- or laying! -- in the sun.

Main Beach Park is a magnet for families. It’s where many of our kids wiggled their toes in the sand for the first time. It’s where we set out on long family walks, learn to surf, and play an impromptu game of beach volleyball. We find ourselves at Main Beach for festivals and running events, for picnics and get-togethers.

So what is it about Main Beach in particular that draws us? Here are our five best guesses:

1) The beach-playground combination.

There is only one way to entice a beach-loving toddler away from the sand without having to deal with crocodile tears, and that’s another favorite temptation: the playground. The Main Beach playground has slides, climbing features and a shaky bridge — plus there are benches all around.


Main Beach Park is a hub for families in Fernandina Beach, FL, on Fletcher Ave.

The Main Beach playground is within view of the beach and close to the bathrooms and outdoor showers.

2) The restrooms and outdoor showers.

A potty emergency can ruin a good time at a beach that doesn’t have restrooms, and a sandy kid cab ruin a good car if the beach doesn’t have outdoor showers. The Main Beach bathrooms are conveniently close to everything, including the beach, the playground and the parking lot. The outdoor showers are nearby, a perfect pit stop between the beach and the playground.

3) The accessibility.

No one wants to lug a jogging stroller and bags of beach toys, umbrellas, towels, snacks and suntan lotion up and down stairs or across long, creaky boardwalks. It’s easy to get onto Main Beach, with a flat walkway leading straight from the spacious parking lot to the sand.

Main Beach Park is a hub for families in Fernandina Beach, FL, on Fletcher Ave.

The outdoor showers and restrooms are a central part of Main Beach, close to the playground, parking lot and beach.

4) The space.

Whether your little one wants to throw a frisbee, fly a kite, or build a sandcastle…. or, like my toddler, insists on doing all three at the same time, the wide, stretching shoreline at Main Beach can accommodate it. And the permanent beach volleyball courts just beg you to arrive ready to play.

5) The adaptability.

All in the same place, you can find your family enjoying a leisurely lunch one day, playing an intense round of soccer another day and attending a wildly delicious cook-off event another day. With sprawling, grassy lawns, gazebos and tables, the grounds of Main Beach Park are used for picnics, ballgames, and of course community events.

Main Beach Park is a hub for families in Fernandina Beach, FL, on Fletcher Ave.

The sprawling lawns at Main Beach are used for picnics, sports games and festivals alike.


If you want to go to Main Beach Park

Where: 32 N Fletcher Ave. (intersection of Fletcher and Atlantic avenues), Fernandina Beach, FL

Parking: There is a very generous, free parking lot on site. During special events, parking continues on to side roads and up Atlantic Avenue, still a short walk away.

Amenities: Beach access, two sand volleyball courts, a playground, several picnic shelters, restrooms, outdoor showers, a multipurpose court, a skate park, basketball courts, in-line hockey and open space.


Do you love Main Beach? Do you have a favorite family memory there? Tell us about it in the “Speak Your Mind” comment box below!

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