Keep Your Family Fit… Even When it’s Cooooold Outside!

Did you know you can get dehydrated even when you’re cold? I learned that from this piece. Special thanks to Yulee mama and Jazzercise owner Jennifer Bradsher for sharing these tips with us in this guest article. ~ Mamamelia 

Winter Family Fitness Tips


We all know we need regular exercise to feel our best, kids and adults alike. Since kids follow by example, it’s critical for moms and dads to show our children that exercise is important to us. In the winter, it can be especially hard to find ways to work out. Here are some ideas to help your family fit it in:
  • Initiate a game of “freeze dance,” in which everyone dances until you yell, “Freeze!”
  • Play a game on the Wii together
  • Bundle up and go for a walk
Fernandina Beach Jazzercise Owner Jennifer Bradsher.


Another tip: Don’t forget how important hydration is during the winter. Colder weather combined with running the heat in our homes increases our chances of dehydration. When we are dehydrated, our bodies and brains feel sluggish, and it increases our chances of getting sick. Make sure everyone in the family is getting the water and exercise they need to feel great and stay healthy this winter!


It’s a Fact: Exercise not only improves our mood and brainpower, it also gives us more energy, can fight pesky cravings and even wards off cancer.


Jennifer Bradsher is a mother of four who lives in Yulee. She runs a Jazzercise program in Fernandina Beach several days a week. She’s also teaching a brand new “Jr. Jazzercise” fitness program to kids in Yulee Elementary School. 


Jazzercise is a advertiser.


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