Fernandina Beach’s Pecan Roll Bakery: Not Your Average Sweet Rolls


Pecan Roll Bakery in Fernandina Beach

The sweet rolls from The Pecan Roll Bakery (shown on the left) don't even look like they belong in the same food group as the rolls from the tube.

I should have warned my grandma I was bringing heavenly rolls from Fernandina Beach’s Pecan Roll Bakery to her breakfast party.

I arrived with a box of pecan rolls baked early that morning. They were tall and flaky, with a beautiful golden color under a shiny glaze. I opened the box in grandma’s kitchen and immediately smelled the sweet, sugary rolls. At the same time, poor grandma was putting a small plate of cinnamon buns on the table – the kind you buy in a tube. Those poor rolls from the tube didn’t stand a chance next to the pecan rolls. They didn’t even look like they belonged in the same food group.

Those rolls are just one signature confection that has made the new bakery a hit in Fernandina. They have scones, breads, muffins, cakes, tortes, pies… and, right now for the holidays, they have adorable little gingerbread men. They also have savory options. And, from 8:30 to 11:30, they serve breakfast. When I picked up our sweet rolls, I saw a woman eating one of their Southern Stuffed Corn Bread Muffins for breakfast. It looked so good I wanted to join her.

They also have a small eating area with a high chair available and plenty of room for a stroller or carrier.

My little guy’s eyes get wide when we go to the bakery. After sampling more than one dessert, he gave their cookies an especially enthusiastic thumbs up. And speaking of samples, they always have some kind of sample out for customers to try.

Tip: If you have children who are not yet walking, plan on either carrying them in or parking in the front. The rocky driveway is pretty hard to navigate with a stroller.

If you want to go:

Where: 122 South 8th St., Fernandina Beach

Call: 904-491-9815

For more information: Visit their website to see a menu and more photos of their delicious food.

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  1. Jeff and Ellie Weisfeld says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful article. We are very pleased that you enjoyed your pecan rolls.
    Please say hi, the next time you come by. Your newsletter is excellent.

    Jeff and Ellie Weisfeld
    The Pecan Roll Bakery

  2. Tiffany says:

    You’re welcome! My whole family craves those pecan rolls… my mom can’t go into Fernandina Beach without stopping by to buy some!

  3. Erin Sewell says:

    OMG!! I bought a platter of goodies for my staff and we LOVE LOVE LOVED !! it ALL. We cleaned the plate. We loved it so much we then ordered sandwiches for lunch! I especially enjoyed the pistachio goat cheese scone. Fantastic. I will definately be going back to The Pecan Roll Bakery

    Erin Sewell RRT
    Baptist NASSAU

    • Tiffany says:

      So glad you love them, too, Erin! My mom is so hooked on their pecan rolls, we had them make her a pecan roll “cake” for her birthday. It looked beautiful, and she loved it!