Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Craft

Easy to make and cute as can be!

This is a great project when you have a group of kids to entertain. I created it for my son’s Toy Story-themed birthday party when he turned three. I cut out several copies of each piece on colorful card stock ahead of time.

When the children arrived, I had little seal bags of mouths, noses, eyes, etc. The children simply glued the pieces they liked onto their potato heads. I had little appliques, such as tiny flowers, for them to decorate the potato heads’ hats and shoes with.

We finished by adding adhesive magnets to the back and displayed them on the fridge for the rest of the party. The potato heads doubled as favors, since the children took their creations home with them.

They were adorable and very simple for even the smallest of kids. Enjoy!

Cut out these shapes, then add details with marker.

Cut out these shapes on posterboard and customize as you see fit.




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