Fun da-Middles: A cupcake mix with a center filling

They were fun to make, but our filling wasn't nearly as robust as the Fun da-Middle ads had led me to expect.

Fun da-Middles are Betty Crocker’s latest take on the cupcake mix. They’re no more complicated than a typical mix — as usual, you just add a little water, oil and eggs. The only difference is, you partially fill each cupcake liner with batter, then squeeze out a dollop of filling. Finish it off with another layer of cupcake batter.

My little guy and I tried making these after I came across coupon after coupon for Fun da-Middles in my Sunday newspapers. They were simple and quick enough that he enjoyed the project. The filling part was mama’s job in our house, though, because it has to stay in the center of the cupcake batter. If it touches the sides, it won’t come out right — and the exposed filling may burn.

My little guy was not too impressed having to sit and watch me do all the squeezing to get the filling out just right, but he was very excited that we had a secret surprise hidden inside each cupcake. The result was tasty, but I didn’t find them significantly better than a traditional cupcake. They were just fun because they were different.

I was a bit disappointed that the filling in the center wasn’t as robust as the Fun da-Middle ads had led me to expect. In the pictures, the filling is thick and completely fills the inside of the cupcake. Ours was thinner, and just partially filled the center of the cupcake.

At any rate, if you’re curious about them, there are plenty of good deals to be had. Make sure you find yourself a coupon before heading to the store. You can choose from vanilla cupcakes with either vanilla or chocolate filling, or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla filling.

Watch Betty Crocker’s video to see exactly how these cute little cupcakes are made.

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