“Hand-Made” Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Use your child's hands and shoe to make this adorable Thanksgiving craft.

I love this craft because it works for every age. For my six-month old, I traced her hand and shoe and assembled the turkey, myself. I did the cutting for my toddler, and then I let him decide where to put the feathers… I also let him choose what size eyes to give the turkey, and – of course – he picked the biggest ones (see photo below). This would also work great for big kids, who can do the cutting, themselves.

We have some school-aged kids coming for Thanksgiving, and I’m going to let them work on this craft Thanksgiving morning. We’ll use them as our table decorations/place cards.


Maybe this is just a mama talking, but I love how my toddler's Turkey came out. It makes me smile every time I look at those giant eyes.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Construction paper or card stock in various colors. Be sure to include orange, brown and red.


Glue or Tape

Google Eyes (unless you plan to make eyes from paper)

Your Child’s Hand and Shoe

Pencil (for tracing)




On a brown sheet of paper or card stock, trace child’s shoe. Cut it out. This will serve as the turkey’s body.

On the red paper, cut out a small, peanut-shaped wattle for the turkey’s face.

On the orange paper, cut out a small triangle for the beak. Draw turkey feet and cut them out.

On a sturdy sheet of paper or card stock, trace child’s hand. Cut out and use as a pattern to cut out several hands in various colors. These will serve as the feathers.

Assemble turkey using glue or tape.

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