Veterans Memorial Park in Kingsland Honors the Troops

Statues representing every military branch are a part of Veterans Memorial Park.

Right in downtown Kingsland, there is a peaceful place that honors America’s greatest heroes.

Veterans Memorial Park isn’t the kind of park where you take the kids to play for hours. There’s no playground, there are no restrooms. But the beautiful monuments and statues honoring all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces are worth a look. Talk about a teachable moment: showing your children representations of each military branch is much more likely to resonate with them than reading a list in a textbook.

The park has a semicircle of five monuments, each representing a branch of the military with a colorful mural. There are also flagpoles displaying the flag for each branch.

Kingsland Veterans Memorial Park Phase I

Monuments with colorful images represent each branch of the military in a semicircle that fronts West King Avenue. Photo Courtesy of the City of Kingsland.

Beyond the monuments, there is a courtyard with five statues, again each representing the five branches of the military. There is a Marine standing at attention, an Air Force pilot already in his flight suit, an Army soldier with his gun pointed, a Navy sailor with his hands stuffed deep into his pea coat and a member of the Coast Guard keeping watch. A brick path leads from one statue to the next.

The statues were unveiled to the public on Veterans Day, 2011. Phase III of the park, which will include a gazebo and a fountain, is expected to be unveiled on Veterans Day in 2012.

The park is a labor of love from Kingsland and the surrounding community, funded largely through donations from various groups and businesses in the area.

These are the statues representing the Marines, Navy and Air Force.

If you want to go:

Where: Intersection of West King Ave. and South Orange Edwards Boulevard, Kingsland

Tips: The park is not very large, but it is stroller-friendly and full of trees and picnic tables. My son had a blast running among the trees here.

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