Introducing Tow Mater. Quickly Becoming Hilliard’s Beloved Mascot.

Kids love to get their picture taken with Tow Mater when he appears at local car shows and events.

Have you met Tow Mater yet?

He’s quickly become a hit in the Town of Hilliard, FL. Crafted by the owners of Seldomridge Body Shop, he’s so popular, as many as 50 people drive through town just to see him out in front of the shop each day.

He’s a genuine, working tow truck that was rebuilt to look exactly like the character of the same name from the hit Disney movies Cars and Cars 2.

The shop’s owners, John Seldomridge and his son, Michael, built the truck in their downtime for the little Tow Mater fans in their family. They even have a Tow Mater soundtrack, so the truck can “talk” in that famous Tow Mater voice as he makes his way down the street.

Besides keeping watch over the body shop, Mater makes appearances at local parades and car shows. We met him at Hilliard’s Timberfest. My son marched right up to him and said, “Hello, Mater!” He was one of many kids who posed for a picture with the beloved tow truck.

On a typical day, here’s how you can see Hilliard’s celebrity tow truck:

Where: Seldomridge Body Shop, 551508 US Highway 1, Hilliard.

When: He’s usually on display 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call: 904-845-2533

Online: Click here to visit Seldomridge Tow Mater’s Facebook page.

Tip: Don’t just drive by — get out of the car and take a look! The folks at Seldomridge are happy to let you take your picture with Tow Mater, free of charge. In fact, if they see you out there, they’ll give your kids a picture of Tow Mater to take home and color.

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