5 Reasons to Love Jogging Strollers

1) Motivation. There’s nothing that will get you moving like a pint-sized personal trainer yelling, “Go faster, Mommy!”  as you make your way through the neighborhood.

2) Convenience. You don’t need to arrange for someone to watch your child, and you don’t need a large chunk of time to go to the gym. All you need are a pair of sneakers and 20 spare minutes.

3) Time-saver. Exercising with your child in tow means your workout won’t have to cut into your “me time” (when the kids are finally napping) or your family time.

4) It’s the only way to travel on the beach. Any other stroller gets bogged down in the sand, but a jogging stroller is easy to use on just about any terrain.

5) Affordability. No, we’re not talking about those $300-dollar numbers you get brand new in a boutique shop. We’re talking about the ones you can pick up at a yard sale in perfect shape for $30. (Thanks to the unfortunate epidemic of buying exercise equipment and never using it. P.S. If you’re a victim of that epidemic, please disregard this little list.)

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